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Welcome to the The Royal Society of Chemistry (U S Section) a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, and an affiliate and branch of The Royal Chemical Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London,  U.K., the oldest chemical society in the world.

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The purpose of the organization is to provide a means of extending the professional experience, practice and opportunities of members and their associates through meetings, seminars and lectures of professional activities related to the practice of chemistry and its application to society and business. The U.S. Section, with approximately 2,000 members out of the world wide total of the Society's 46,000 members, represents the society in the United States, seeks to uphold its professional state and esteem, and promote cooperation with other scientific and professional bodies in the United States of America.  The U.S. Section also provides professional guidance and assistance to members and is in close contact with the Local Sections manager in the UK.

The U.S. Section is open to all grades of membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) who reside in the United States.  Its operations are directed by a committee of members consisting of the President, Secretary and Treasurer, Presidents Emeriti and at least one member at large.   The officers and new members are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the members present from those candidates put forward by the nominating committee or nominated from the floor.  All members of the RSC present may vote.  The current Executive Committee members are:

Dr. K. Wagner, President 2010-2011
Mr. J. H. Badger, CChem, MRSC, President
Dr. L.W. McQuire, FRSC, Hon. Sec.
Dr. L. Davenport, CSci, CChem, MRSC, Hon. Treasurer
Dr. K. K. Bagga, MRSC, Member-at-Large

RSC USA Executive.JPG
(L-R) Les McQuire (Secretary & Webmaster), Lesley Davenport (Treasurer),
Klaus Wagner (President, 2010-2011), James Badger (President, 2008-2009) and Kishore Bagga (Member-at-large)

In addition to our receptions at the National ACS meetings and our joint events with ACS and IUPAC, the U.S. Section meets three times a year.  In spring and summer our meetings usually involve a visit to somewhere of particular historical or chemistry related interest while our AGM is often held in conjunction with a visit to a Broadway show in New York.  In alternate years the summer meeting frequently has been at the Connecticut home of Dr. Paul Stonehart, a past president, who graciously hosts a garden party, prepares  and serves English "pub food",  British beer and cider. Otherwise it, like the Spring meeting, is a full weekend with dinner and lecture on the Saturday evening and related organized or informal tours throughout the weekend.   

Active membership is currently concentrated on the east coast from Massachusetts to Virginia so meetings are arranged at various geographic locations for the convenience of our widely spread membership.  Efforts are under way to encourage the formation of satellite branches in other localities in USA.  

Whether you are a RSC member working temporarily in the USA or making your home here, we welcome you and invite you to make contact and join us at our next event.

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As a tax-exempt organization we must make available to the public on request the applicable documents relating to the application for tax exemption.  A reasonable charge is permitted to be made for copying and mailing the considerable number of pages involved.  Requests should be addressed to the Hon. Secretary whose address appears below.


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