List of Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Species in the
Lake Hovsgol watershed, northern Mongolia

We offer here generic and species lists for some of the aquatic macroinvertebrate groups found in the lake's watershed. These list will expand as specialists identify the samples and resolve taxonomic problems , so please be aware that these lists will undergo change. The site is being developed so not all lists are available at present. If you wish to cite information listed here for inclusion in your publication, please contact Jon Gelhaus at as some of these lists have not been published, or there may be updated determinations.


Aquatic insect genera that occur or are likely to occur in Mongolia

DIPTERA: Tipulidae (long palped crane flies)
DIPTERA: Limoniidae (short palped crane flies)
DIPTERA: Chironomidae (aquatic midges)
DIPTERA: Simuliidae (black flies)
DIPTERA: Blephariceridae (net winged midges)
TRICHOPTERA (caddisflies)
PLECOPTERA (stoneflies)






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